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Established in 2022, Ruphinan + Partners' mission is to provide top quality building design, engineering and construction management services to a balanced mix of public and private clients.  We are committed to a high standard of client service and ethical practice.  Headquartered in Victoria, British Columbia, Ruphinan + Partners, through innovation and creativity, we seek to add value to our clients and our internal projects.  Bringing simplicity to sophistication, we seek to bring sustainability not only in aesthetics and function, but also in longevity.


Time, money and personnel are the three most critical resources in any project.  Ruphinan + Partners thrives on the coordination of these three resources in providing efficient services ranging from engineering design to construction management.  Whether it is a renovation or a new build, multi-family project, the RP Studio team covers all necessary industry under one roof, unimpeded team communication allows Ruphinan + Partners to deliver the a sustainable and optimal project.


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